Mission Statement

The Three Village School District is a large and complex organization, currently educating more than 6,000 students and employing over 1,000 teachers and administrators, with a yearly budget of $250 million. It has multiple stakeholders, including those residents who pay property taxes, teachers, administrators and PTA members. All of these groups have some kind of formal representation within the system. In contrast, most students and their parents do not have completely independent representation. Individual students and parents can and do take specific issues to teachers, the PTAs, the school administration or the school board, but there is no independent representation of the collective long-term interests of students and their parents within the district. The Three Village Parents Alliance is designed to fill this gap.

The Three Village Parents Alliance has been formed to represent the collective interests of all students in the district, with respect to education and well-being. This does not imply that the administration, teachers, PTAs, or Board do not consider those interests. On the contrary, they do so routinely, but they do so, at times, in the context of other competing interests. The Three Village Parents Alliance will independently and exclusively represent the interests of the students and their parents. As such, our association welcomes any parents who have or have had children in the school district, as well as students who have now finished their education within the district.

Our primary function will be to encourage discussions and gather support within the community on a variety of education and health/safety topics. We will attempt to discern areas where there is a broad consensus with respect to needed changes and we will support those initiatives that advance these goals, ultimately in collaboration with the district administration and Board of Education.